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Read what our satisfied customers say. If you have a testimonial for us yourself we would be happy if you would let us know!

Client voices

»Solid, affordable and easy to use!«

I personally think that XHTMLSuite is the best WYSIWYG editor for the Joomla! platform, and I use it on every single of my Joomla! sites, I consider it a necessity really.

Tony Lindskog

»The most stable editor I've used!«

I have built many Joomla sites and no matter what editor we have used or tried, there almost always seems to be a compatability issue that we run into. XHTMLSuite has come a long way and is nice and stable. We have not had any issues on our site and we use the heck out of it. I am definately considering the developer licence to use on all of our other sites because so far I am impressed with the product.

Good Job!!!

Joomla Showroom

»Your text editor is excellent«

Your text editor is excellent. If you intend to be serious about using Joomla!/Mambo then XHTMLSuite will save you a lot of time and free up the user for more creative work.

Thomas Dahl

»Best Editor for Joomla!«

I use XHTMLSuite for all of my Joomla Sites! XHTMLSuite is the easiest way for an unexperienced Client, to handle the Website only from the Frontend. Once I´ve build the Template, the Client will be able to Upload Photos and Files into the Website on his own.

Sebastian Kraft

»Features are impressive«

First of all the XHTMLSuite met all of my expectations. Installation is a quick (one minute) and simple task. Also the features of XHTMLSuite, especially the easy and powerful customization options for different user groups (authors, administrators …) are impressive.

What did surprise me most?
I encountered a little problem when using the file upload routine. I send an email to the XHTMLSuite support team and got help within 3 hours. I was really astonished to get such a quick response on a Sunday afternoon. That perfect support. I prefer to pay a small amount for an editor having the guarantee to get quick feedback by the developers in case of any trouble.

Kurt Burtscher

»Easy to install and great support«

XHTMLSuite was very easy to install and when I emailed support about on particular concern, I had a very detailed response. I should also add that turn around times on email inquiries is very quick. Very impressed.

Alexander Rushton

»League of it's Own«

I couldn't imagine running a Joomla or Mambo site that required posting frequent content without this editor. I can't comment on support based on post in their forums, but whenever I have emailed them with a problem they replied promptly and usually sent me the latest version and anthing else I might need to be able to resolve the problem without multiple coorespondences.

I have no link with them, but I had to speak up since I think it is the best component I have ever used with Joomla or Mambo. Every other editor I have tried isn't even close to XHTMLSuite IMHO.


»Excellent Commercial Solution«

I have been looking for a truly cross-platform editor for my users, most of with limited technical skill. Despite their limited technical skills, they are very demanding sales people that expect the best. I tried all the others and each had their own issues. Either they were difficult to use or didn't work on their browser.

XHTMLSuite is an order of magnitude better than all the others. The image handling alone is worth the modest price. Plus, the support from the company is excellent. They worked with me patiently to resolve a silly mistake on my part.

I would recommend this tool to anyone looking for a commercial grade editor for users needing professional functionality.

Christopher Creel

»No more need for other editors«  

Congratulations!!! XHTMLSuite runs smoothly in my site!!! No more need for other editors!!!

Thanks for the excellent job done...

Carlos Figueiredo
CR Marketing & Publicidade

»Great Editor - Lots of Flexibility«

I've used a handful of editors thus far on my site, commercial and non, but XHTMLSuite is accommodating all the different components and needs of my site without conflicting with the different scripts.

As far as support, my experience with XHTMLSuite is the best I've found - very superior. I've requested basic support from others and received a range of responses from silence to frustrating. I highly recommend the component.

Lisa Egan
Wisewomen Group

»Very much like your component«

Very much like your component and can tell compared with a few others that it has been well tested.

Craig Bell

»Support is exceptional«

I must say that the product itself is absolutely worth its price and the Support provided is exceptional.

Markolf Marczek
3003 Online

»Could not be happier«

I have purchased your product for 3 government sites now and could not be happier with the attention you have given us in implementing this product. We are very impressed with your editor and the time you have put into it for such a low purchase price.

Jerry Brown
Sue Brown


Thanks for your support. Your products are amazing!

John Forbes

»Exactly what I spent the last week looking for!«

WOW, WOW, WOW!! This is EXACTLY what I have spent the last WEEK looking for. I have uploaded 8 editors and NONE of them did exactly what I wanted them to... Until Now. Thank you so much... I will finally now be able to edit pages and manage images in a way that makes sense.

Steve Johnson

»The editor for all!«

One of the biggest needs was that the editor should be useable and workable for users with none or average website building experience. Text formatting and adding photos should not be more than a few simple clicks. XHTMLSuite fulfills this need in each and every way!

J.M. Althoff / J.W. Ouwerkerk
Senior Administrator
Scouting Cycloongroep Borculo

»VERY impressed«

I have started playing with the new editor on my new website and am VERY impressed so far, looks like a lot of work and thought went into this component - well done.

Andy Stewart
(Former Joomla! Maintenance Team Member)

»The Product is absolutely brilliant«

The Product is absolutely brilliant and does everything I had hoped for. Many Thanks for such a great product and keep up the good work.

Richard Brown

»How much easier can you get?«

The site is used by an education authority in the north of England and we expect all the schools (220+) to contribute to the site using your processor. The reason for selection was the ease of use (most users will pick it up straight away!) the ease of installation (how much easier can you get?) the docman integration and the integrated spell check (for me!) we are currently getting about 100000 hits a month and when the site is officially launched we expect that to increase 10 fold. We obviously needed a solution that was robust, adaptable and cheap! Well done, keep up the excellent work!

Steve Dale
e-learning consultant
Education Bradford, UK

»Worth every penny!«

XHTMLSuite is worth every penny.

Carl Farrington
West North Carolina Times

»The right way to go!«

Easy to set up and use, I can control with the admin panel the group specific profiles where I can set all the parameters for each author specifically, fast and easy!! If you need a full featured HTML editor for Joomla!/Mambo, XHTMLSuite is the right way to go!!

Hector Mercado

»Excellent product«

Excellent product you have sir and this is going to help out my e-zine project very much with the ability your software has to allow for frontend image uploads into the text editor among the other features pro offers!

Chris Diaz