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What's new in XHTMLSuite in2it?

XHTMLSuite in2it was completely refactored and wide parts were developed from scratch.

During the whole development process we listened closely to the wishes of our customers and designed a wealth of new features which will aid you in your work and definitely will make your life easier in regards of editing online contents.


Tabbed Toolbar
XHTMLSuite's toolbar buttons now can be subdivided into thematic groups organised by tabs.
Properties Inspector
The properties inspector gives you access to HTML elements and let's you change their properties instantly. It dynamically loads the appropriate element inspector through AJAX
Flash® Manager
Insert Flash® Movies with ease. Add, edit or remove movie params directly through the Properties Inspector just like in Dreamweaver®
HTML Tidy is a program and a library whose purpose is to fix invalid HTML. XHTMLSuite in2it provides an interface to a free online HTML Tidy service, letting you tidy your HTML code and through this ensuring proper validation of your code.
Syntax Highlighting
When switching to HTML view XHTMLSuite in2it will highlight the source code in different colors, making it easier to review the structure and edit HTML.
Preserved Object Selection
If you have selected text or for instance an image in WYSIWYG mode and then switch to HTML view, the accordant piece of source code will be highlighted.
Modal Fullscreen Mode
Introducing a new fullscreen mode, where the editor will stretch up to the available width and height of your current browser window instead of opening in a popup window. This is step #1 of converting XHTMLSuite in2it dialogs to a new Inline Dialog System.
QuickTable Dialog
The new QuickTable dialog enables you to insert a table with no more than two clicks, no need to open a popup anymore.
Color Swatch
XHTMLSuite in2it offers a color palette, allowing for a quick selection of Foreground or Background Colors, without having to open a popup.
The main concept of WYMIWYG (What You Mean Is What You Get) Mode is to leave details of the document's visual layout, and to concentrate on its structure and meaning, while trying to give the user as much editing comfort as possible.
Rich Dropdowns
All dropdown menus provide you with a full format preview. The basic idea of What You See Is What You Get.
Resize Bar
When hovering with your mouse over the lower end of the editor, a resize handle will appear, letting you resize the height of the editing area. Pressing the CTRL key on your keyboard while dragging the handle will allow you to resize the editor's width at the same time.
Image Editing and Creation of Thumbnails
The new simple yet smart Image Editor allows you to create copies of uploaded images and to scale and/or rotate them. Furthermore the Image Manager will create downsized image previews (thumbnails) of your images and show them in the Image Manager dialog instead of the original files, which drastically decreases loading time of the Image Manager.
Different Listing Modes in Image Manager
The Image Manager now provides you with two listing modes. The well known "Filmstrip" view and a "List" view mode, similar to the list mode of the File Manager.
Limiting Width and Height of uploaded Images
Define the maximum allowed width and height for images uploaded to your server. If these values are exceeded, XHTMLSuite in2it automatically will resize the image to the allowed max. width and height you have set in XHTMLSuite in2it's configuration.
Setting Upload Limits
Set the max. file size in kB of files uploaded to your server. Files larger than the set value will be rejected.
Converting Text to Uppercase or Lowercase
This function enables you to transform any selected text within the blink of an eye either into Uppercase or Lowercase letters.
Inserting HTML Templates
Upload HTML template files to your server and insert them into your content with ease. A very helpful feature for creation of content based on the same structure.
HTML Output Version
You can select whether XHTMLSuite in2it shall produce XHTML 1.0 or HTML 4.01 compliant code.
Line Breaks
Select whether XHTMLSuite in2it shall create paragraphs or div tags when pressing the ENTER key. Create a simple linebreak by pressing the SHIFT and the ENTER key.
Fading In Menus
Dropdown Menus and Context Menus will softly fade in instead of dropping in. Really yummy eye candy.
Debug Loader
The debug loading mode will show possible JavaScript errors in the XHTMLSuite in2it loading screen, helping you to resolve problems.
Words and Character Counter
This new extension will display the total Number of Characters and Words used in your article in the right corner of the editor's statusbar.
Definition Lists
This is, what the W3C says about Definition lists:
A definition list is a list of terms and corresponding definitions. Definition lists are typically formatted with the term on the left with the definition following on the right or on the next line. The definition text is typically indented with respect to the term.
(Note: the list you currently are viewing is a Definition List)