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500 Internal Server Error

Under certain conditions, when calling some of TMEdit's popups that are PHP files and not HTML files, like Image Manager, File Manager or Table Popup, you may receive an "500 Internal Server Error".

The reason for this error is a security server setting, which doesn't allow scripts with too many rights to be executed and this indicates that the files that throw the error have a setting of CHMOD 777.

Changing the read/write permission of the appropriate files to CHMOD 755 for example or a lower setting (CHMOD 644 should work too) will solve that problem.

Image Manager - Configuration Problem...

If your Joomla! or Mambo installation is not located in the root directory of your server but a subdirectory, TMEdit's ImageManager will fail to find the path to Joomla!'s/Mambo's image folder /images/stories.

In this case the path has to be added manually to a config file.

Open up the file from the directory /mambots/editors/tmedit/popups/ImageManager and add the following to the existing variable:

$BASE_ROOT = "[Name of the subdirectory]/images/stories";

For instance, if your Joomla!/Mambo installation is located at, you'd have to enter the following:

$BASE_ROOT = "cms/images/stories";

No Context Menu in Internet Explorer

The version of overlib_mini.js, shipped with Joomla! 1.0.x and Mambo 4.5+ is causing a JavaScript error when performing a right-click on your mouse in Internet Explorer. This error preserves TMEdit's context menu plugin to work porperly.

The following patch solves this problem. Copy the file overlib_mini.js which is contained in the ZIP you are about to download into the directory /includes/js.

Please make sure to backup the original file!

Download overlib_mini.js Patch
Patch for overlib_mini.js for Joomla! 1.0.x and Mambo 4.5+