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XHTMLSuite in2it 2.0.1 released

The development team is happy to announce the immediate availability of XHTMLSuite in2it 2.0.1, the most popular commercial HTML editor for Joomla!.

What's new in version 2.0.1?

This release mainly is a maintenance release that brings fixes for all known problems but we have also added some smaller new features and improvements.

Our non-exhaustive but still near complete changelog will tell you:

------------------- 2.0.1 Released - [26-Jan-2009 17:00 CET +1] -------------------
 # Fixed editor theme's CSS to not be overwritten by system CSS
 # Color swatch library is loaded although no colorpicker is configured
 # Image Manager - thumb view fails to load if thumbnail directory is unwriteable
 + Workaround for IE bug in getattributes() that can cause editor to not load
 ! Variable declaration of template CSS will be filtered out from Joomla! 1.5.8+
 - Superfluous onload function in core
 + Name attribute for select fields
 - Superfluous brackets on Regular Expression
 + Visual styling of horizontal rules for "Pagebreak" and "Read More"
 + Improved handling of insertion of horizontal rules
 # Regular Expressions handler returns $ instead of saved variable
 # Function for handling of base URL sometimes returns wrong value
 # Missing comma in tab names array can cause editor to break
 # Wordwrap in syntax highlighting not working in Firefox 3
 ! Improved loading sequence of editor
 ^ Added XHTMLSuite namespace to public JavaScript functions
 # Native version of in2it causes a class error in Joomla! Legacy Mode
 + Added config array to plugin head to avoid loading errors
 # Flash get's removed if attribute names and values are switched
 + Added _xs namespace to no_cache variable
 # User permissions too strict if running a native version of in2it in Legacy Mode
 # Backend menu entries sometimes disappear when saving global settings section
 ! Configuration - on some systems dirname(__FILE__) causes problems so the file path can't be resolved
 # Image Manager - clicking the button for the fullsize image opens a blank window in Firefox 3
 # Link to helpdesk in internal help pages leads to a 404/Page not found
 # Rich dropdowns show default HTML select field on top of WYSIWYG preview in Firefox 3
 # Administrative backend switches to Legacy Mode on Joomla! 1.5.x
 # Context menu for syntax highlighting mode is loaded although syntax highlighting is switched off
 # Installer doesn't check if archives are successfully unpacked

Registered customers with a valid support contract please login to your account and download the full installer or an update patch from the Customer Center.