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HTMLArea3 XTD-C Pro becomes XHTMLSuite

Tuesday, 31 May 2005

InteractiveTools, project founders of htmlArea, at the end of February 2005 have decided to discontinue development of the project and have requested developers, who are maintaining editors which are set up on technology of htmlArea, to rename their editors.

HTMLArea3 XTD therefore will become TMEdit

and with regard to the future developoment of our successful professional component

HTMLArea3 XTD-C Pro will become XHTMLSuite

Change of Mambot and Component will take a few weeks. Please note, that during this time all occurances of the old names successively will be updated on our website too. launched

Saturday, 21 May 2005

After a longer break and a domain name change TMEdit and XHTMLSuite with the launch of from now on are available under a new address.

Beside the new domain and the new look there were structural and organisational changes. even more than is designed to offer an optimal service to its users and customers. Due to this reason e. g. Knowledge Bases for the editors were set up, which hold answers to the most common questions.

Good news for customers which have purchased XHTMLSuite from
You can log in with your login data from and hence still have the opportunity to download free product updates and patches, also you have access to the completely new structured support forums.

Registered users from
User accounts of visitors which were registered at, due to technical and conceptual reasons have been deleted. No reason to mourn: all services offered for free on this website are available without registration.

Team XHTMLSuite would like to express their thankfulness for your patience and your loyalty and are happy to see you back again here.

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