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Welcome Joomla!

Friday, 02 September 2005

The XHTMLSuite team welcomes "Joomla!"

Since yesterday evening one of the worlds most popular and fastest growing Open Source projects has a new name.

The development team of the successful CMS, up to now known as Mambo, recently ended cooperation with Miro - original developer and copyright holder of Mambo - due to Miro's controversal actions upon formation of a so called Mambo Foundation and announced to continue independent development of the Content Management System under a new name.

The name Joomla! (a phonetic spelling of a Swahili word meaning "all together/as a whole") yesterday officially was disclosed by the development team.

Compatibility of our Software to Joomla! and Mambo

Since Joomla! 1.0.0 will be based 100% upon Mambo, it is assumable that current releases of our software will work trouble-free with Joomla!. Thanks to the early publishing of a roadmap regarding the further development of Joomla! we'll further on will be able to release software compatible to Joomla! promptly.

UnfortunatelyXHTMLSuite does not support Miro's recently released Mambo version 4.5.3b. As further development of Mambo for us neither is transparent nor foreseeable we cannot guarantee future compatibility, although we'll make an effort to provide XHTMLSuite also for future versions of the CMS of your choice.

Please note: XHTMLSuite is only compatible with Mambo up to version!

Team XHTMLSuite releases XHTMLSuite v1.5

Wednesday, 17 August 2005

Buy XHTMLSuite v1.5 now!XHTMLSuite v1.5 now is available. The latest version comes with plenty of new and improved functions and also fixes known bugs from previous versions.

With the newest release the output of valid XHTML was highly improved. Furthermore a completely new developed function for source code formatting has been implemented, which formats the generated HTML code with indents and linebreaks. This makes it easy for users to find their way through the source code if necessary.

Improved support for 3rd party components

If you have installed Community Builder, the editor configuration of "Authors" group automatically will be assigned to your registered members.

Mambelfish now completely is supported when generating each editor (coming up: a patch for Mambelfish with a highly improved interface, providing buttons for comfortable inserting and deleting of Mambelfish contents).

New functions now assist you even better when creating content

ImageManager interface completely was reworked and now makes it easy to operate the ImageManager with tab key. Also a new function was implemented, alowing you to format images with CSS attribute float.

Thanks to the new and now dynamic CSS plugin it isn't necessary anymore to add your CSS classes manually - XHTMLSuite now does that for you!

Creation of tables with this release even more works like in popular Windows/Macintosh HTML editors (table cells are filled with non-breaking spaces [ ]), furthermore it now is possible to assign proportional size to table cells directly upon creation of tables.

XHTMLSuitewill encode more than 90 special characters into their corresponding HTML entities and thus provides even better XHTML output.

Improved portability through relative paths

When inserting images or internal hyperlinks XHTMLSuite generates relative paths. This makes it easy for you to export or move your content if necessary.

If you already are the owner of a XHTMLSuite license, the update and install instructions are available to you for free. After logging in to your account, you'll find a direct link to the update in the customer menu.

For an almost complete list of changes please see the following changelog:


# -> Bug Fix
+ -> Addition
! -> Change
- -> Removed
^ -> Update

-- XHTMLSuite v1.5.0 [Palomino] Released --

15-Aug-2005 Team XHTMLSuite

# Fixed HTML entity encoding bug (special chars weren't converted to HTML entities)
# Fixed too small opening size of popups in IE
# Fixed Mozilla exception when focussing input field
# Fixed Mozilla bug: missing image attributes when inserting an image the first time
# Fixed wrong I18N variable call
# Fixed invisible input field for background image in table cell properties dialog
# Fixed buggy checkConstrains function in image manager
# Fixed hard coded database prefix mos_
# Fixed CSS bug in FileManager
# Fixed wrong constant call in color chooser
# Fixed conflict between Joomla!/Mambo's overlib_mini.js and Contextmenu plugin (IE only)
# Fixed toolbar size to be the same like defined in config
# Fixed statusbar size to be the same like defined in config
# Fixed generation of relative paths for IE
# Added fix for Mozilla on Mac - not loosing this._doc object when using popup editor
+ Added option for CSS float attribute in ImageManager
+ Added possibility to assign Author profile to group Registered
+ Added Mambelfish support (second editor to be generated on click)
+ Added additional declaration for variables
+ Added charset to editor iframe
+ Added doctype to editor iframe
+ Added alert for IE on Mac (IE on Mac is NOT supported)
+ Added 90 HTML entities (should cover most used entities)
+ Added fix for faulty paragraph tags
+ Added fix for invalid tag formatting
+ Added improvement for form tags
+ Added option to generate fixed width columns in table dialog
! Changed paths globally to be relative instead of absolute (for portability)
! Iframe creation for editor now performed through XHTMLSuite function
! Changed table creation: cells are filled with nonbreaking space upon creation
! Moved editor generate icon into editor images directory outside of /administrator
! Changed PHP short open tags to long (global)
! Changed all references from HTMLArea to XHTMLSuite
^ Completely reworked and optimized ImageManager interface (tab indices)
^ Improved function for retrieving XHTML
^ Improved workaround for Mozilla designMode bug #263392 (lower occurance of bug)
^ Improved sourcode formatting function (indents and line breaks cascading)
^ Improved CSS in dialog.css
^ CSS plugin now dynamically pulls in all existing styles from a stylesheet
- Removed old sourcecode formatting function
- Removed indicator for fulltext content
- Removed hardcoded CSS styles from ImageManager
- Removed hardcoded CSS styles from FileManager

TMEdit v1.0 RC2 released

Saturday, 09 July 2005

The TableOperations plugin in TMEdit v1.0 RC1 responsible for advanced table formatting functionality contains a bug which prevents the plugin from working.

Today now with the release of TMEdit v1.0 RC2 this bug was fixed and advanced table formatting functionality is available again.

If you do not want to uninstall and reinstall the editor, you can apply a patch instead which you can find in our download section. Please unpack the patch in the ROOT of your Joomla!/Mambo installation.

In either case please make sure to clear your browser cache to prevent your browser from loading an older file from its cache.

Changelog for TMEdit v1.0 RC2, Release Date 2005/07/09:

 # Fixed wrong variable call bug in TableOperations plugin
 # Fixed check for $my->id with isset() as it gave errors under certain circumstances


Download Free download


  • Mambot for Joomla! 1.0+ and Mambo 4.5+
  • Plugin for Joomla! 1.5 RC3

Team XHTMLSuite releases TMPlaylist Editor

Wednesday, 29 June 2005

Ever wanted to provide the visitors of your website with a streaming mp3 player?

With the release of TMPlaylist Editor this now is absolutely easy for you. Generate a playlist consisting of up to 21 titles through a comfortable administration tool and make the audio files available in a Flash® MP3 player.

Simply create a directory named "mp3" in the root of your Joomla!/Mambo installation, upload your MP3 files to that directory, in the admin backend of TMPlaylist Editor generate the playlist and - if necessary - have a preview, now adjust the appearance of the module, publish the module - done!

Download Free download
TMPlaylist Editor v1.0 for Joomla!/Mambo 4.5.0+, English/German


  • Mambot for Joomla! 1.0+ and Mambo 4.5+

Joomla!/Mambo security patch and aftermath

Wednesday, 15 June 2005

The security update to Joomla!/Mambo in some areas of Joomla!/Mambo - thereunder in the work with WYSIWYG editors - leads to troubles. Many users had to find that (JavaScript-) hyperlinks were stripped out of their articles after saving them. Furthermore white spaces in title and alt tags of images and links get stripped out too.

For this bug (#6727 Mamboforge Bugtracker) today another patch to Joomla!/Mambo has been released by Andrew Eddie, Core Developer of Joomla!/Mambo, which should solve the Problem.

Excerpt of the Changelog:

-- Patch Released --
15-Jun-2005 Andrew Eddie
 # Fixed sql injection vulnerability in voting form
 # Fixed over-sensitive filtering of content intro and full text fields
 ^ Updates database::setQuery code to more efficient version
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