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Link everything inside Joomla! - with Linkr

Although XHTMLSuite Series 1 and in2it have a powerful hyperlink dialog that let's you create and manage not only hyperlinks to external pages and e-mail addresses but also links to articles, sections and categories inside your Joomla!, the free extension Linkr takes a step further.

Linkr is a native Joomla! 1.5 extension and consists of a component, a content plugin and the editor-xtd button plugin and hence integrates seamlessly as editors-xtd button and places itself next to the "Pagebreak" and "Read more" buttons.

The ability to link to articles, menu items, and even contacts, while editing content makes Linkr an incredibly useful extension and the best part: it's compatible with XHTMLSuite Series 1 and XHTMLSuite in2it!

Go and give it a try at