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Our story starts back in 2003 with HTMLArea3 XTD, an Open Source Richt Text Editor for Mambo 4.5.0 that very quickly became the most popular HTML Editor for Mambo. And although today everything is really fast moving, there are still people out there using our very first Online HTML Editor.

Making history by thinking ahead

Ever since it was our aim to constantly improve our software in order to provide users with a better editing experience, so…

  • we released the first editor that included the feature to link to Mambo/Joomla! internal articles
  • we were first to introduce an Image Manager that'd let users upload images to their website and insert them into their content
  • we thought we would add a Document Manager that would allow users to upload documents to their server and link to these documents and even add nice file type icons to these links

And finally, we developed the first HTML Editor ever that – although editors are implemented as a Mambot or Plugin – was installed as and configured through a Component.

A concept that meanwhile is a Quasi-Standard for Mambo and Joomla! and we are proud that other well-known developers picked up our idea.

Creating for our own demands

As software developers we have some pretty simple requirements to software and this is how we design our own software:

  • We want it to work
  • We want it to be easily operable and intuitive to understand
  • We want it to be reliable
  • We want it to look good - it might sound funny but don't underestimate having to look for hours on a user interface that is ugly - it's no fun
  • If there are problems with the software, we want to know help is readily available

Our professional software products are top rated on extension sites and our support is highly acclaimed.